“Hey, what do you do in New York?”

Currently, I live in Brooklyn, New York as a composer and performer. After I graduated from Berklee College of Music (magna cum laude), I offered several of my compositions to the Boston Symphony Orchestra's chamber group, which they performed at Tanglewood every summer until 2013. Then I moved to New York for an opportunity to work with the New York Symphonic Brass. Since then, I have offered compositions to several chamber groups, performed in my own brass band called Doggy Cats, and as a solo pianist. Also, I published a piano technique book for beginners called The Adventures of Pinpi and Danda, sold at the bookshop of the art space Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.

I have had a lot of different types of experiences in my life as an artist/composer. I worked for Tokyo Disney Resort as a cast member, where I learned how to give happiness to people. It was important to put yourself in the guest's shoes. At the same time, I was studying the basics of jazz performance at Senzoku College of Music. After that, I studied jazz composition at Berklee College of Music. My life has been one of continuous learning through work, study and being social.

My Motto:

I always try to achieve the things I feel I should achieve. I do what I think is right, even if the people around me don’t agree. I just have to keep believing to achieve my mission, even if I feel alone.

I believe anything of value that I have comes from my job, education, family and friends. The value came mainly from overcoming my mistakes. I can keep myself okay, because I know sometimes I feel embarrassed by mistakes, jealous of others, and despair from my troubles.... 

We are not perfect. We sometimes feel pleased by someone else’s unhappiness, taking advantage of someone else’s bad situation. In terms of understanding human beings, I try to thinking of someone who I really, really respect and avoid self-pity.

How I Keep Going:

Always, I have to get through some obstacle. In fact, I can't move on without overcoming obstacles. But more importantly, at least I try to keep minimum motivation. If you lose motivation, you have no power to move on. And it's not easy to maintain the energy for that. My point is not to give myself too much pressure. It's the same for education. If you like something and you're good at, then having to keep the same A average every time makes you annoyed and lose your motivation. If you can give up because of that, that's probably not what you really like to do. Just taking a break and not thinking too much is the key to continuing my favorite things when I start to feel pressure. And I always try to keep an open mind.

My Dream:

What I want to do/explain/perform in my work is touch someone's feelings, and spread that to more people, and finally contribute to society. I can’t say that I'm creating for everyone. But I believe I’m doing the right thing. To achieve my goal, I always try to catch up with the way we in society are living nowadays in the world, to know more about people, us and me.