Brooklyn Chamber Nonet

Brooklyn Chamber Nonet is has been established in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. All musicians from Brooklyn residents and performing my compositions. Formation is two violins, viola, cello, trumpet, saxophone, piano, bass and percussion. Simply combine of string quartet with jazz quintet. We focus on music between classical elements and contemporary jazz. However our possibility is unlimited. As a composer, most unique and flexible ensemble to explain such a wide variety of the sounds. In 2014, we had a recording session for the piece “Human Dance”. The rehearsal at South Oxford Studio, the recording at Bunker Studio. Recently, I’m writing new pieces for them. Hopefully we will begin the new recording project in 2018. Stay tune.....

Composed by Tetsuro Hoshii
Performed by Brooklyn Chamber Nonet at Bunker Studios

July 31st, 2014

Dos Allen, flute
Thomas Bergeron, trumpet
Tetsuro Hoshii, piano
Michael Bates, bass
Angelo Spampinato, drums
Fung Chern Hwei, violin I
Curtis Stewart, violin II
Benjamin Von Gutzeit, viola
Luke Krafka, cello