DECODA performed my composition at National Sawdust

for Carnegie Hall's free Neighborhood Concert


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About Tetsuro’s Composition


In this piece, I tried to express a work of art, from initial drawing to finished painting. Roughly speaking, there are three movements, but each movement has no concept or title. I have used traditional jazz elements in the harmonies, but some early 20th Century classical elements seemed to sneak in to the piece despite me.

Concert Information


The Decoda Cello Quartet is excited to present a concert of works that explore the themes of whimsy, storytelling, and images from the natural world. This vivid program showcases a wide array of composers from Ravel to Ron Carter, and uses the cello as an imaginative muse for telling a story through music. There is a creative – and capricious – melding of styles featured throughout the program, combining elements of classical music with qualities of jazz. We are also thrilled to be featuring three women composers on this program, with pieces that depict evocative melodies and landscapes – from Jane Antonia Cornish’s Three Nocturnes, to Gabriela Lena Frank’s Las Sombras de los Apus, based on folklore of the Andes Mountain region. 

Claire Bryant, cello

Hannah Collins, cello *guest

Caitlin Sullivan, cello

Saeun Thorsteinsdottir, cello

January 15th

Morning IP at Blue Hill School District

Afternoon Masterclass at Lewiston High School

January 16th

5pm- Concert at Olin Arts Center at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

January 17th

3pm- Concert at First Congregational Church, Blue Hill, Maine

Exploring the themes of whimsy and storytelling through images from the natural world, this program uses the versatile sounds of the cello to create light, shade, and every color in between. A capricious melding of styles -- from Ravel to Ron Carter -- brings classical and jazz influences together. 

Schedule of Events
April 3rd, 2015 at 2pm – Concert
Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concerts at National Sawdust
80 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY‎ - (646) 779-8455‎

FRANCHOMME (arr. Caitlin Sullivan) Douze Caprice
Caprice no. 7
Caprice no. 8
Caprice no. 11
TINA DAVIDSON In that Early Light
GABRIELA LENA FRANK Las Sombras de los Apus
RON CARTER Desert Winds
RAVEL (arr. James Barralet) Boléro