Links From My Life

1989~ Tokyo Disney Resort
I was born in Urayasu, Chiba where Disneyland Tokyo is located in Japan. Since I was a kid, I would go there with my family a lot. There was so much live music related to American traditional music!
2005~2009 Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
I studied jazz piano performance. I had my own bands and so many projects. That was a bittersweet memory, especially because I was so young and everything was so new. I made so many mistakes. I wasn’t that good a student, I still remember, but I learned so much. I'm still thankful to my friends and teachers.
2009~2011 Berklee College of Music
I studied jazz composition. At the same time I took so many different writing classes including songwriting, string writing, musical writing. I didn’t understand a lot of English in the first semester in 2009. But I spent TONS of time studying music. No partying, no fooling around, I was just a good student--except for English... And I never forget, I studied classical piano with Ed Bedner..
2012~Sunny’s Bar
New York, New York... Such a tough city, I know. But one of the few places I can call “home”. Always friendly bartenders and good American music here. I can melt into myself and people accept me. Also, since I started to perform at Sunny’s every week, this place is not just a bar. It’s a cultural center.
2005~2008 Oriental Land
It had been my dream to work as a cast member at Disneyland since I was kid! I had a wonderful experience for almost 4 years. I still remember it as a special experience with priceless memories. I still keep in contact with the people I worked with.