Hi, thank you for visiting my piano lesson page. I'm Tetsuro, a pianist and composer. I've been teaching piano since 2008 and already over 80 students have learned my piano techniques, from 3-year-olds to 75-year-olds, of different nationalities and skills.

My speciality—as a player and composer—is jazz.  However, I teach all styles of music, from classical to popular.  Don't worry if you aren't familiar with jazz.  I teach each student how to play and practice in his or her own style.  I teach a system for playing the piano—posture, touch, and the skills involved in creating beautiful music.  This is not music theory, but a way to interact with the piano. 

In 2015, I published my first piano technique book for beginners called Pinpi and Danda. As a pianist, I won the Wayne Shorter Award and I've played at the Berklee Performance Center and several venues in Tokyo, Boston and New York with my band/orchestra. As a composer, my compositions have been played by the Boston Symphony Orchestra's chamber group, the New York Symphonic Brass, the Brooklyn Chamber Nonet, etc.

Lessons are currently offered in New York City.  I can travel to your home, or lessons are also offered at my home in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

All lessons are 30~50 minutes depending on the student's concentration

One lesson


4-lesson ticket (no time limit)

$280 ($70 per lesson)

10-lesson ticket (must be used within 80 days)

$600 ($60 per lesson)

Semester ticket (15 lessons) (must be used within 120 days)

$750 ($50 per lesson)

About Travel

The subway or bus may be delayed. Please be aware that I may arrive up to 15 minutes later/before than the lesson time.  If I think I will be more than 15-20 minutes late, I will text, call or email you.

If the subway isn't running due to bad weather or an emergency, I will cancel or postpone the lesson.

How much homework is involved?  How much do I have to practice?

This depends on the student, of course.  I do not ask, “Have you practiced?  How much?”  I ask only, “What did you play this week?”  Everyone takes a different amount of time to master the skills.  I will give feedback regarding what each student has done that week, then think about the next step for the student.  There is no exam.  I support each student's desire to achieve mastery of the piano.  The amount of practice or drills or playing is different for each student.  However, it is true that the amount of practice does increase the speed at which a student will progress!

No student will become Bill Evans after three lessons.  But I believe that, step by step, it's not impossible!  I will ask if the amount of practice I am requesting you to do is too much, or too little, for you or your schedule, or your desire for mastery.

I don’t know anything about jazz. Is that okay?

Anyone is welcome, if you like music and the piano.  Even if you haven't heard very much jazz, you probably know something about it.  I will teach a little bit about jazz—but also about classical music and other kinds of music.


How often do I need lessons?

This depends on your schedule, of course.  I strongly suggest at least once per week.  Students who take lessons at least once a week retain the lesson, and improve at a faster rate, than students who take lessons less frequently.

Note:  There is a cancellation fee for lessons that are scheduled and then cancelled.  Lessons that are rescheduled to a nearby day usually will not incur this fee.


Can I have a free “try-out” lesson?

The first lesson is very important.  You can play as much as you want, decide on your goals, and receive my evaluation of your skill level and needs.  Feel free to contact me to consult, by e-mail or by phone, about your needs before the first lesson.  This consultation is at no charge; the first lesson is $65.

Are you a strict teacher, or an easy teacher?

There is no such thing as gentle strictness!  :)   When I took piano lessons as a little boy, whenever I made a mistake, the piano teacher would hit my hand.  In the old days, that was common.  Now, it is unacceptable—and counterproductive.  I want you to enjoy your lessons.  If a student is unhappy with the lesson, it's a matter of doing too much too quickly, or asking for too much practice, leading to resistance and slow progress.  All students have different abilities, time to practice, etc.  Practicing the piano is sometimes uncomfortable, and progress can sometimes be slow, but practice is necessary to improve.  I want students to recognize the appeal of the piano, and that it is fun to play, and progress should come from that.

For parents: Some young students need to learn how to learn. Life is learning. If a student cannot sit on the chair over 10 minutes, or has a learning disability or ADHD, my teaching style may need to change. Some young students need to be disciplined more, some less. Each child's learning speed may be very different. Please tell me before the first lesson if your child has an issue that needs to be addressed.


Can I get lessons if I don’t have a piano?

No, you can’t. Please get the piano first. In the city, it’s not easy to get an acoustic piano. But you can get a digital piano.

Can I learn composition?

Yes, of course.  I graduated from Berklee College of Music as a jazz composition major.  I'm also proficient in orchestration.  I can teach the process of composition, and composition analysis.  The word “composition” can involve many things—composition for business, for a career, and composition as art.  If you'd like lessons in composition, please contact me for more information about types of lessons and fees.

Contact to Tetsuro : tetsurohoshii@gmail.com or send to the message box.

When did you start playing the Piano?
When I was six or seven. 

How was your first experience playing the piano?
Not great. I had a very strict teacher, and we spent 90% of our time doing technique -- scales, arpeggios, etc. And after all that, I had zero understanding of music theory until I was 27 years old! I mainly remember not looking forward to lessons. 

Why did you decide to start to learn the piano again?
A few years ago I picked up guitar and the drums as a hobby and really enjoyed playing. Because I had that past experience playing piano, I bought a keyboard and realized that now I really enjoyed playing piano (and was happy my parents had forced me to practice when younger). 

What are you learning now?
Bach inventions, and a few Mozart sonatas. Some jazz standards.

How is my lesson so far?
Lessons are very helpful. We practice classical music, with a focus on hand and finger technique, as well as dynamics. We also work on basic jazz and blues. My technique has improved a lot since working with Tetsuro, and my understanding of how jazz works has grown a ton. 

Over the last couple months I have been working overtime and have had little time to practice, but Tetsuro is always flexible and can always teach new material even when I haven’t been able to progress over the week. 

What is your goal?
My current goal is to be able to play the Bach inventions fluently, and one or two Mozart sonatas. Then I would like to move into Bach’s WTC. For jazz, I would love one day to be able to play standards with a group of people.

When did you start playing the Piano?
I started learning when I was a child but stopped for many years. I have started learning again last year. 

How was your first experience playing the piano?
I started teaching myself for a while but soon realised that to really learn properly you need guidance from a professional. I was getting lost. Now that I have more structure to my practice, I can find more freedom within the structure. This makes learning fun and encouraging, instead of overwhelming and tiresome.  

Why did you decide to start to learn the piano again?

I realised that I really missed playing piano. I really am in awe of musicians and love music so I think I owe it to myself to spend a little time each week just doing that. There is something very rewarding about spending time with yourself to learn music. It is not easy and you have to learn how to be patient with yourself and not expect too much too quickly. 

What are you learning now?
I am working on my left hand to support my right hand improvisation/playing. My playing at the moment now is very unbalanced so I need to work on catching my left hand up to speed. 

How is my lesson so far?
I love them! Tetsuro is a fun and encouraging teacher with a wealth of knowledge! I feel extremely fortunate to have him as a teacher. 

What is your goal?
To be able to play with confidence to other people. 

When did you start playing the Piano?

I started playing about five or six years ago, as an adult

How was your first experience playing the piano?

It was immediately apparent that this was the most difficult thing I had ever done, independent motion of the separate hands, reading and playing at the same time, what incredible things the brain can do! 

What are you learning now? 
I am learning blues progressions, jazz rhythms and melodic improvisation

How is my lesson so far?
Tetsuro is a very rare combination of master artist and sensitive intelligent teacher, master artist who hears music and invents music for us to hear, master teacher who hears what his student needs and invents just the right exercise and just the right pace to patiently patiently unlock understanding.

What is your goal?
To be able to sit down at a piano and play freely, with pleasure and abandon. 

Reviews from Thumbtuck

  1. 1.★★★★★Piano Lessons (for children or teenagers) Verified Review
    He has been teaching my 6 year old and the experience is great so far!. We are very happy with him. Professional, happy, nice with kids.
    ana b. on February 29, 2016

  2. 2.★★★★★ Piano Lessons (for adults) Verified Review
    Tetsuro is an excellent teacher!! He makes learning incredibly engaging and fun, but at the same time has great structure and a concise progression from lesson to lesson. Highly recommended!
    CLAIRE M. on November 15, 2015

  3. 3.★★★★★Piano Lessons (for children or teenagers) Verified Review
    Tetsuro has been teaching our 8-year old weekly for a month now. He is patient, funny, prompt, professional, and encouraging, and I love hearing the lessons as they are happening. I think Tetsuro makes learning the piano fun. He also has published his own lesson book! As a former Suzuki piano and cello student, I am pleased to know he has a system of his own that he has thought through. I am very pleased to have found him.
    Sarah S. on October 12, 2015

  4. 4.★★★★★Piano Lessons (for adults) Verified Review
    Amazing teacher, very clear, succinct, responsive, and substantive. Always answers musical questions directly and precisely without embellishment, always imparts a good but not overwhelming amount of information, and adjusts according to my time.
    Angus N. on October 12, 2015


Cancellations may naturally occur due to illness, family vacations, or unexpected circumstances. However, when a lesson is scheduled, I provide that time to you. On short notice, it is very difficult to reschedule that time to another student. If you need to cancel, please try to provide ample notice. The following fees will apply:

--If you can reschedule the lesson for a time within three days of your original lesson time, you won't be charged any more than your normal lesson.

--For cancellations made more than three days (72 hours) in advance, there will be no fee charged for the lesson.

--For cancellations made less than three days (72 hours) in advance, you will be billed for half the cost of the lesson.

--For cancellations made less than 1 day (24 hours) in advance, you will be billed for full the cost of the lesson.

--If I must cancel a lesson, because of transportation issues or severe weather, of course I will try to notify you as soon as possible, and you will not be charged for the lesson. Hopefully, we can reschedule it at a time convenient for you.