Hoshii’s The Adventures of

Pinpi and Danda

Tetsuro Hoshii’s newest piano technique book is selling at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, New York.

For piano beginners--especially young kids (also useful for adults, too!)

Over 180 short songs and practice exercises, all related to one story about a hedgehog, Pinpi, and bear, Danda, finding Danda's mom. From the forest to the city...the songs explain their encounters with other people and animals, and overcoming their challenges, all while reinforcing piano skills.

Imaginative and creative songs, very catchy and fun to play.

The songs cover, review, and drill all the basic piano techniques: dynamics, articulation, different keys and different meters, fingering and more. Each technique is very clear and organized by chapters.

Very simple layout makes it easy to see and understand the notes. It's flexible, and allows the teacher to accompany the student and highlight different styles of practice.

Most of the songs are accompanied by delightful illustrations by artist Taco Matthews of Cambridge, MA.  http://www.tacodesign.com/

Some songs are left untitled to inspire the student to use imagination to create an original title. 

It's the best book for piano beginners, especially young kids.

The characters help to reinforce the student's hand placement on the keyboard--Pinpi is the right hand, Danda is the left hand.

Tetsuro’s book is selling at Pioneer Books, Red Hook, Brooklyn

The Story

Pinpi the hedgehog and Danda the bear live in the forest. They are good friends. One day, Danda gets a letter from his mom saying she is in a zoo in the city. Danda misses his mom so much, so he decides to find her and help her escape from the zoo. Pinpi joins this adventure. They experience a totally new world outside the forest: swimming in a river, climbing a mountain, meeting good people (and a few not-so-good), visiting a village, a town and finally the city. Their journey is full of adventure and fun.