I am a world traveler--to see the world, meet people, and experience other cultures.

At Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark. October, 2016

In Roros, Norway. October, 2016

In Amsterdam, Netherland. October, 2016

In Parma, Italy. November, 2016

In Castelnovo Ne’ Monti, Italy. October, 2016

In Venice, Italy. October, 2016

In Seville, Spain. August, 2011

In Iceland. August, 2011

In Granada, Spain. August, 2011

In Cordoba, Spain. August, 2011

In Chantilly, France. September, 2011

In Paris, France. September, 2011

In Siena, Italy. September, 2011

In Hamburg, Germany. September, 2011

In Gluckstadt, Germany. September, 2011

In Berlin, Germany. September, 2011

In Stockholm, Sweden. September, 2010

In Norrtalje, Sweden. August, 2010